NICK LOWE - (Alcúdia-Mallorca)


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Venda exclusiva a les taquilles de l'Auditori d'Alcúdia.


Plaça de la Porta de Mallorca, 3
07400 Alcúdia (Illes Balears)


971 89 71 85


NICK LOWE - (Alcúdia-Mallorca)

Ajuntament d'Alcúdia


Primer concert a Mallorca del grandíssim NICK LOWE

Oferta especial: 100 primeres entrades a 25 €
Anticipada general: 30 €

Entrades a la venta a partir del 17 de gener 2020.

Entrades a la venda a través de Ticket IB al següent LINK



Preu venta anticipada: 30,00 €
Preu venta a taquilla: 30,00 €

Durada: 01:30h
Auditori d'Alcúdia


NICK LOWE (official promo biog)

Somewhere in London a musician carries the keys to the musical kingdom. In his Technicolor sonic scope are all kinds of sounds, from rock to country to soul to pop. Nothing is off limits, as long as it has a groove and goodness based in reality. The musician has been performing for 40 years, but is as fresh today as the first time he stepped on stage. There are no tricks or short cuts here. Far from it. His songs are as solid as the earth, yet carry no lingering hype or heaviness. The musician is Nick Lowe, the headmaster of British rock.